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Money and Currency in Cuba

Blog update: 25/Nov/2019 If you are planning your trip to Cuba and don't know much about the money and currency there, or you have received some conflicting information about it, RELAX !  I've got the latest information from recent visitors to help you to clarify the most important points. How much money should I take to Cuba? What is the best foreign currency? Can I use my credit card? Are there ATMs in Cuba? 2 currencies - how does this work?! How much is a safe amount to carry when I'm exploring?... Let's start! Two currencies, how does this work? Cuba has 2 currencies - the Cuban Pesos ( CUP ), also known as Moneda Nacional (M.N), and the Pesos Convertibles ( CUC ). The exchange rate between them is 1CUC = 24CUP. The CUP is a currency used by the Cuban government to pay their employees, and Cubans normally use it at places with subsidised good, such as the ration stores. Travellers' use of this currency is very limited. Cuba'

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